A downloadable McGruffin Muffin for Windows

Concept description

The objective of the game is to defend the Muffin Mcguffin against waves of attacking enemies. Build a castle out of tetris-like blocks to halt the attackers in their tracks and place down turrets and your own soldiers to stop them from eating your muffin. More enemies arrive each round. How long can you last?


We started with the theme of this gamejam, which was 'island'. From there we created a mind-map of what we thought islands were, or could be. We when from traffic islands to tetris city building before settling on an castle building wave defence game.

Game treatment


The art was mostly created using a free voxel art program called MagicaVoxel. It is clean and simple.

Game play

The player must build a defensive structure around the Muffin Mcguffin using wall pieces that fall from the sky like tetris blocks. The player is also given single block turrets and barracks to hold off the invaders, who spawn in increasing numbers from docks placed around the outside of the level. The objective is to last for as long as possible without your muffin getting destroyed

Level and environment

The game mostly takes place on an empty field with decorative decorations around the outside. The field itself is influenced by the actions of the player, as where they put their castle walls can change how the game progesses.


Lachlan Hopkins (Programming)

Jorden Mutch (Art)

Chris Pushworth (Sound)

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run the executable. WASD to move pieces, Q and R to rotate. Don't rotate near the edges... it break things


castle-mcgruffin-muffin.zip 23 MB

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